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Plenary Session, Wednesday, April 25, 2018, 2:15 p.m. to 3:15 p.m.


New Thinking in Active Assailant Prevention, Response & Recovery: Maturing Organizational Violence Prevention Programs

Tom Veivia, FBI Special Agent (Retired)

Law enforcement and emergency management authorities repeatedly warn that no organization or community is immune from active assailant threats—an evolving term intended to encompass the possibility of attacks involving not only firearms, but explosives, vehicles, knives and other forms of violence. Whether committed by a current or former employee, an enraged ex-domestic partner or an extremist propelled by a destructive ideology, it is essential that leaders and decision-makers are preparing for today’s threat landscape.

This presentation will introduce:

  • An expanded typology of workplace violence
  • Extending violence prevention practices to mobile and home-based workers
  • The concept of Hybrid Targeted Violence (HTV)
  • The Eight Warning Behaviors associated with mass violence
  • Transitioning from “Run>Hide>Fight” to “Stop the Killing>Stop the Dying>Stop the Crying”
  • Leveraging bystander/employee intervention in prevention, response and recovery

This dynamic multimedia program is intended provided attendees with timely and actionable approaches to aligning their current violence prevention posture with the realities of the contemporary threat landscape. Operating with dated models and approaches to violence prevention can threaten the safety and security of a community, campus or corporation, as well as the defensibility of decision-making around threats of violence.

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