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Personal Security in Challenging Times Video Series Finale: Reporting Hostile Incidents

The acclaimed Continuity Insights video series, Personal Security in Challenging Times, concludes this week with the premier of Reporting Hostile Vehicles. The ninth installment in this essential education program deals with the impact of hate crimes and coping with these hostile or violent incidents.

The series is hosted by Steve Crimando, MA, CHPP, CTM, an internationally known consultant and educator specializing in the application of the behavioral sciences in homeland and private security, violence prevention, crisis management, and disaster response. He is the Principal of Behavioral Science Applications, an innovative operational risk management consulting firm based in the New York Metro Area serving a global client base. He is also a member of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals.

Personal Security in Challenging Times is based on Crimando’s innovative RADAR training program (Recognize ● Avoid ● Defuse ● Redirect). Individual short-from video segments deal with Key Concepts, Situational Awareness, Street Smarts, Verbal De-escalation, Handling Hostile Encounters, Approaches to Upstander Intervention, Civil Unrest, and Vehicular Violence.

Personal Security in Challenging Times is being presented in partnership with Everbridge.

The following links will give you access to the first eight installments in the Personal Security in Challenging Times series.

  • Premier Episode – Key Concepts: Recognizing and Responding to Racially and Ethnically Motivated Violence (REMV) Watch
  • Episode Two – Situational Awareness Watch
  • Episode Three – Street Smarts Watch
  • Episode Four – Verbal De-escaltion Watch
  • Episode Five – Armed Assailant Response Watch
  • Episode Six – Hostile Vehicles Watch
  • Episode Seven – Civil Unrest Watch
  • Episode Eight – Upstander Intervention Watch
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