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PenFed Credit Union Boosts Risk Management With iluminr Solution

The credit union is adding a risk and resilience solution from iluminr to its arsenal.

PenFed Credit Union, one of America’s largest credit unions with $35.3 billion in assets and nearly 3 million members, implemented a risk and resilience solution from iluminr.

The strategic partnership enables PenFed to foster business agility by building context, capability, and connectivity throughout the organization, ensuring robust business and organizational resiliency and enhanced risk management.

With iluminr’s technology platform, PenFed gains a comprehensive risk and resilience solution that empowers them to navigate the dynamic landscape of resiliency related threats and challenges. By implementing this technology, PenFed is enabling effective business resiliency risk assessment, organizational preparedness, and response.

iluminr’s solution looks to go beyond traditional risk management approaches by fostering engagement and collaboration throughout the organization. By building adaptive context through a combination of real-time systems integration and people-powered insight, PenFed looks to gain a holistic understanding of potential business resiliency risks, enabling them to make quicker informed decisions and take proactive measures to mitigate threats. This context-driven approach strengthens risk assessment processes and empowers the organization to respond swiftly and effectively to fast-moving change, inherent in manmade and natural disasters and incidents.

Through iluminr’s gamified, engagement-focused platform, PenFed hopes to enhance its capability to respond to any situation by offering comprehensive training, simulations, and scenario-based exercises. Through 15-minute bite-sized, immersive exercises, teams build muscle memory, skills, and the knowledge required to effectively manage and overcome risks and disruption. The solution should enable seamless collaboration and knowledge sharing by fostering connectivity across teams, further enhancing the organization’s overall resilience.

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