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“Overtime” Discussion: More Answers to Your Adaptive vs. Traditional BC Questions

Continuity Insights

Continuity Insights recently hosted a panel discussion with a team of experts addressing traditional and adaptive approaches to business continuity. With the overwhelming response to this presentation, our panelists reconvened to answer more of your questions.

In this overtime presentation of “2020 Hindsight – All of Your Burning Questions About Adaptive or BC in General Will Be Answered by the Experts,” Adaptive BC visionaries Dr. David Lindstedt, Founder of Adaptive BC Solutions, and Mark Armour, Global Director of Business Continuity for Brinks, Inc., are joined by Tam Williams, Project Manager/Business Continuity Consultant, KingsBridge BCP, and Skip Williams, President, KingsBridge BCP, to continue their discussion on the merits of the “traditional” and the “innovative” approaches to BC Planning.

The discussion can be viewed here.

The original broadcast of “2020 Hindsight – All of Your Burning Questions About Adaptive or BC in General Will Be Answered by the Experts” is also available for on demand viewing here.

Continuity Insights

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