C16: Cyber Resilience and Business Continuity: Establishing Cohesion Without Losing Your Marbles!
Raymond Seid, DRI International
Cyber resilience and business continuity – both are super important and both work best when they work together! That’s not easy to accomplish, but not to worry. Attend this mind-blowing session to learn how to establish cohesion between the two at an entity level without sacrificing your sanity. We will tackle typical organizational barriers impacting resilience and what to do about them. Where does business continuity sit in the organization and why does that matter? How do you get the CISO and BCO on the same page? How do you link plans and processes? What about including BC in cyber incident response planning? And how to you bring it all together? You’ll leave this session energized, informed, and with a BC and cyber resilience checklist to help you obtain and maintain cohesion – and calm.

C17: Effective Resilience Builds Customer Confidence
Dave Sarabacha (l) and Mitesh Shetty (r), Deloitte LLP
To build a brand that customers can trust, we need to embed resiliency into our organization’s culture. And to do that we need to transform the resilience of traditional processes or locations to resilience of critical customer-facing business services and advance to a proactive, integrated, and responsive capabilities. Join us as we discuss how to start your journey to develop an end-to-end resilience framework that guides the identification of the most critical enterprise-level services (and underlying processes) for your customers and operations and delivers resilience through a holistic combination of prevention, continuity and response, and recovery planning for each service.

D8: ISO 22301 and Its Suite of Standards to Evaluate Business Continuity Program Performance
Marie-Helene Primeau, Premier Continuum
Despite the utmost importance of having a working BCM program in place, there is yet no consensus among BCM practitioners on which metrics to use to evaluate program performance and how to implement them successfully and cost effectively. This session will provide an overview of the standards that can be used as the foundation of an efficient business continuity program evaluation approach. It will bring participants up-to-speed on the 2019 update of the ISO 22301 standard and, accordingly, provide sound guidance on setting the right metrics to meet organizational objectives. It will offer insight into the planning phase meant to lead to stronger execution and results. This session will offer a roadmap on how to implement standard-based metrics with a focus on solidity, efficiency, and the beneficial impacts on the organization.

E5: Managing Team Mental Health During Crisis    
Dawn Grzena, Zendesk
As the leaders during a crisis, we are expected to be calm, cool, and collected no matter what the crisis is. What happens when crisis exhaustion starts to creep in by either your executives, response teams, or those that you manage? What are the burnout warning signs that you should be watching for? Finally, how do you manage the team beyond this single event? This session will go over what I’ve learned over the years on what to watch for during a crisis for burnout, exhaustion or team members being overwhelmed. We’ll go over the various tools and tips to help both your direct and extended teams. By the time this session is over, you will walk away with solid strategies, ideas, and more tools for your crisis response toolbox.