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Observations From When the World Went Sideways: A Business Resilience Perspective

It’s a phrase that we’ve uttered numerous times in the past, but 2020 was truly full of learning and changing perspectives. So, as we ask ourselves “where is the road taking us going forward” and “what does resilience mean now,” make plans to join Continuity Insights for Observations From When the World Went Sideways: A Business Resilience Perspective.

For this new webinar, Alice Kaltenmark, Chapter President of the BCI USA, will share observations from her own experience and some gleaned from The BCI’s latest research. She’ll dissect the evolution of resilience in today’s pandemic and post-pandemic world, how it’s changed perspectives, and how it’s impacting strategic thinking/planning.

The webinar will take place on Thursday, March 25, 2021 at 2:00 p.m. ET. Registration is open here.

Our featured speaker, Alice Kaltenmark, joined the BCI USA Chapter board as a voluntary board member in 2015 before ascending to her current role as chapter president. Her professional experience spans over 20 years in business continuity and disaster recovery in the information solutions industry, and over 40 years in IT.

She leads the business continuity and disaster recovery program for LexisNexis Infrastructure & Technology Operations (LN I&O) and global technical resilience (ITDR) governance for the LexisNexis Legal & Professional division of RELX.

Alice also serves as the treasurer and past president, Continuity Professionals of Ohio (CPO), a regional non-profit professional association.

In recognition for Alice’s many contributions to the resilience profession, she received the 2020 Carlson-Wright Award from CPO and the BCI’s Honorary FBCI award in 2020.

Register for Observations From When the World Went Sideways: A Business Resilience Perspective here.

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