New White Paper: Is Reputation Your Most Valuable Uninsured Asset?

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A dramatic shift in the value of intangible assets presents the ill-prepared with potentially insurmountable risks. Tony Jaques suggests reputation may well be a company’s most valuable uninsured asset today. And nothing destroys reputation faster or deeper than a crisis mismanaged, as detailed in the new white paper, Is Reputation Your Most Valuable Uninsured Asset?, available from Rothstein Publishing.

While you can insure against loss events which may impact reputation – such as business interruption, cyber failure, product recalls or public liability – that’s not the same as insuring the value of reputation itself, which can be very substantial.

This white paper by Tony Jaques PhD will help you to understand the value of reputation for your organization.

To download your free white paper via Rothstein Publishing, click here.

Continuity Insights

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