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New Webinar: Selling the “Value-Add” of Your BCM Program (to Everyone!)

How to Continuously Sell the “Value-Add” of Your BCM Program (to Everyone!) will be the featured topic during the next installment of the Continuity Insights Webinar Series scheduled for Thursday, August 15, 2019. The discussion will be led by Michael Harding, AFBCI, CBCP, the BCM Program Lead with Automotive Resources International.

For years we’ve heard, “you need to gain executive buy-in” in order to have a successful program. While having the support of senior management is important, it is equally important to have the support of everyone you meet with at your company – all employees.

During his presentation, Harding will discuss the benefit of elevating and enhancing your profile within your organization to the point “where everybody knows your name.” What that really means is that you should be a well-known person within your company, since the goal of a successful program is to get it ingrained in the culture.

Join Harding for a spirited discussion as he reviews the essential principles that you should utilize to get employees thinking of your program as an added benefit versus something that has to be completed each year. And have some fun while you’re selling the “value add” of your program to everyone!

This webinar will begin at 2:00 p.m. ET and will allow time for audience participation and Q&A. Register for How to Continuously Sell the “Value-Add” of Your BCM Program (to Everyone!) here.

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