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New Webinar: Rise of Operational Resilience in the Wake of COVID-19  

The Coronavirus has shown us that many business continuity programs have buckled under pressure and some failed because they could not deliver the right data during the pandemic. First hand experience has demonstrated that operating in the new normal requires a new business resilience mindset that must cope with the current uncertainty with flexibility and adaptability.

In Rise of Operational Resilience in the Wake of COVID-19, a new webinar from Continuity Insights scheduled for September 15, 2020 at 11:00 a.m. ET., we’ll review how boards, the C-suite, and operational leaders are now leveraging operational resilience to increase their speed of decision-making to address large-scale and complex disruptions with interdependent priorities and issues across the entire enterprise.

In this digital event, Tejas Katwala, CEO and Co-Founder, and Chad Robbins, SVP of Platform Strategy for Continuity Logic, will discuss:

  • What operational resilience means and how it differs from business continuity?
  • What it takes to implement an operational resilience framework?
  • What are impact tolerances and its relationship to business services?
  • Who should own operational resilience?
  • How you can integrate operational resilience with risk management?
  • What are some of the key implementation challenges?

To bring it all together, Katwala and Robbins will demonstrate connecting organizational objectives and goals to operational resilience.

Registration for Rise of Operational Resilience in the Wake of COVID-19  is now open here.

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