New Webinar: 2021 Hurricane Preparedness – Ask the Experts

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The 2021 hurricane season has officially begun, bringing with it the expectation of another above-average year of severe storms and threats to employee safety. Whether your organization is located in a hurricane-prone area or needs a better way to stay connected with at-risk remote employees, it is critical to have a plan for before, during, and after a hurricane.

Join Continuity Insights for this new webinar, 2021 Hurricane Preparedness – Ask the Experts, as we host AlertMedia’s in-house Meteorologist Jason Moreland and Vice President of Global Threat Intelligence Sara Pratley for a live Q&A discussion to learn how to adequately prepare your business for a hurricane. This new webinar is scheduled for Tuesday, June 15, 2021 at 2:00 p.m. ET.

From this season’s forecast predictions to best practices for identifying potential hazards at your locations, Jason and Sara will provide expert advice that could save you valuable time, minimize impact, and protect your people throughout all stages of a hurricane including:

  • Discussing experts’ predictions for the 2021 hurricane season and how it compares to previous years.
  • Reviewing potential hurricane hazards and how to mitigate risks.
  • Providing best practices for communicating with your employees at each stage of a hurricane.

Registration for 2021 Hurricane Preparedness – Ask the Experts is now open here.

Continuity Insights

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