New Survey: COVID-19 and the Future of Supply Chain

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The Business Continuity Institute (BCI) has launched a new survey for its upcoming report, COVID-19 and the Future of Supply Chain in partnership with Resilience360. All business continuity professionals are encouraged to participate.

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing change to many working practices throughout the world: BCI research suggests that less than a quarter of organizations will return to the exact same working model they worked to pre-pandemic. One of the primary areas for change will be supply chain: BCI research shows that 41.5% of organizations anticipate changing their supply chain strategy post-pandemic.

The report will examine the supply chain changes professionals plan to make in their own organizations which will provide both deep insight into the anticipated changes, as well as providing organizations with benchmarking data to help them make decisions themselves on their own supply chain strategies.

All survey responses will remain anonymous. Take the survey here.

Continuity Insights

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