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New Survey: BCI Crisis Management Report

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Recent events have shown how important it is to have a company-wide approach to crisis management. Based on this reality, the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) has announced the launch of the first BCI Crisis Management Survey, a new report for 2021 being produced in partnership with International SOS.

COVID-19 has catapulted the importance of good crisis management to the top of most organizations’ agendas, and this report seeks to discover how the crisis management team interacts with the rest of the organization (such as business continuity), how COVID-19 has forced teams to become more formalized, how the role of senior management is now crucial, and how technology is enabling teams to interact quickly and more effectively.

This new report aims to look at some of the benefits this brings and provide a benchmark of how your organization compares to others globally. This report will be based on the views of the BC and Resilience community and will also include in-depth interviews with current professionals in this area.

Click here to participate in the survey.

Continuity Insights

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