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New KPMG Study Takes a Deep Dive on Cybersecurity Investment

According to the new KPMG 2017 CEO Outlook Study of 400 chief executives across the US, nearly half (46%) are confident about their organizations’ growth prospects over the next three years. They are investing in the future with an eye on becoming digitally-evolved enterprises, building strategies around speed-to-market, technology transformation and scaling up their own business processes and operations.

One of the key areas heading their list of investments is cyber. Despite the fact that many CEOs view cybersecurity as one of their top risks, 75% of them believe such investment is an opportunity to find new revenue streams and innovate. Many organizations are looking to innovate around security with the goal of enhancing trust by building cybersecurity into their products.

The full KPMG 2017 CEO Outlook Study is available here.

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