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New E-book Reviews Climate, Resilient Systems, Sustainability, Policy Regulations

Resilience Matters: Strengthening Communities in an Era of Upheaval is an e-book compilation of articles, blog posts, and op-eds edited by Laurie Mazur and published by the Urban Resilience Project (URP).

The e-book contains 50 essays organized by four topics:

  1. Climate Adaptation; Climate Justice
    II. Resilient and Equitable Systems: Energy, Water, Health, Food
    III. Sustainable Cities for All
    IV. Policy Regulations and Finance

This compilation of URP’s work from 2018 is available a free download here.

According to the Urban Resilience Project in an era rocked by climate change and other large-scale disruptions, our cities must be resilient in order to survive and thrive. But what is known about urban resilience, and what remains to be explored? To help answer those questions, Island Press launched the Urban Resilience Project (URP) in 2013, with support from The Kresge Foundation and The JPB Foundation.

In the years since, URP has worked to imagine and inspire the sustainable, equitable, resilient cities of the future. We bring together thought leaders with a broad range of expertise to generate and cross-pollinate ideas. And we share those ideas in a variety of media—books, articles, podcasts interviews, webinars, and educational coursework.

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