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New e-Book Devoted to Fulfilling Duty of Care Available

What happens if an employee is on a business trip and there is a terrorist attack? What happens if an employee suffers an accident traveling between job sites? Questions like these raise important legal and moral questions about an employer’s responsibility to their employees. It’s also where duty of care comes in.

Duty of care is the legal and moral obligation businesses have to protect their people. It’s a responsibility every organization should take seriously, as employees across industries are vulnerable to a number of threats.

Fulfilling Your Duty of Care, a new e-book from AlertMedia, helps organizations learn how to fulfill their responsibility to protect their employees, minimize risk, and gain peace of mind for the company and their people as they deal with emergencies from environmental disasters and health risks to violent attacks and work-related injuries.

The ebook explores:

  • An employer’s moral and legal obligations to keep employees safe
  • How employers can effectively fulfill their duty of care responsibility
  • Actions every company must take to protect their employees—and themselves—from unnecessary safety and legal risks.

Fulfilling Your Duty of Care is available as a free download here.

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