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A surge in cyber criminal activity, particularly the $30B hit from RansomWare, underscores an escalating demand for cybersecurity experts.

Cyber crime is an escalating global concern, with costs surpassing an alarming $8 trillion, according to Tina Chang, CEO of SysLogic, Inc. This surge in cyber criminal activity, particularly the $30 billion hit from RansomWare, underscores an escalating demand for cybersecurity experts. 

Cybersecurity Salary Report

Not only are there 700,000 unfilled jobs in the U.S. cyber security sector, but the range of opportunities extends beyond the technical realm, encompassing roles in ethical hacking, legal expertise, and the fast-growing cyber insurance sector, Chang pointed out. 

With this in mind, is now offering the “U.S. Info/Cybersecurity Salary+Skills Pay Survey Report, 2023” report.

The report provides an up-to-date perspective on the earnings of essential info/cybersecurity professionals across 65 major U.S. cities. The data sheds light on base salaries, cash bonuses, and the cash pay premiums associated with distinct skills and certifications. This insight will help ensure that businesses remain competitive in attracting top talent in a market that is increasingly in demand.

Key features of the “U.S. Info/Cybersecurity Salary+Skills Pay Survey Report, 2023” include:

  • Detailed Earnings Breakdown: With a focus on base salary and cash bonus, the report provides granular insights segmented into percentiles, namely 10/25/50/Average/75/90, ensuring a broad understanding of the earning landscape.
  • Skills and Certification Premiums: As the cybersecurity sector evolves, certain skills and certifications become more valuable. The report elucidates the current cash pay premiums associated with these, allowing businesses to strategize their hiring and training initiatives effectively.
  • In-depth Job Descriptions: To aid in precise role mapping and understanding, the report comes with continuously updated, detailed long-form job descriptions for all roles, furnished in MSWord format for ease of use.

Click here for more information about the report. 

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