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Navy SEALs Respond To Security Threats With New Solution

Former U.S. Navy SEALS reveal Proventus, a company that provides safety solutions for all different facilities.

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A group of former U.S. Navy SEALs launched Proventus, a company that provides actionable safety and security assessments, emergency action planning, security training, and leadership coaching and consulting.Headquartered in Jonesboro, AR, Proventus also provides tactical active-shooter response training for individuals and teams, all driven by data and proven best practices from around the globe.

Proventus adopts a different security assessment approach, focusing on the client’s core mission, identifying the best ways to protect the people and assets that embody that mission, using the same methods designed for national security-designated organizations. The process is not driven by checklists or static templates, but by analyzing a client’s unique situation, threats and vulnerabilities, physical plant, and security staff capability. Ultimately, Proventus provides specific solutions for every type of facility, from healthcare facilities to multi-state financial institutions, power generation plants, and university campuses.

Proventus’ other core services reflect the unique profiles and the cumulative experience of some of America’s most decorated and combat-experienced special operators. The company offers leadership training and executive coaching, to support making the best decisions possible under highly intense and stressful conditions. Proventus has and continues to expand its offerings through leading educational institutions and commercial/industrial organizations, which will be announced in detail over the next several months.

“We brought together an outstanding group of skilled and combat-tested special operators to create a highly mission-driven organization,” says David Gaier, Proventus’ Director of Communications. “We believe a high quality of life must include the freedom to live, work, travel, and be educated in an atmosphere free from fear, and that’s what we’re determined to deliver.”

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