B3: Emergency Response to an Active Shooter

Ted Brown
Workplace violence and the active shooter are some of the most critical threats facing business continuity and crisis management professionals today. This session will provide a detailed analysis of the active shooter and how its elements have changed the traditional framework of emergency response planning. The presentation will also address why a terrorist attack and an active shooter should be treated as similar incidents. This seminar will provide the crisis manager and the business continuity professional with the five phases of an active shooter, enabling them to make effective plans and decisions regarding emergency response and how a crisis team properly interacts with law enforcement.

 B4: Top Five Things You Can Do Right Now to Modernize your Business Continuity Program

Tejas Katwala
Continuity Logic
As the pace of change in business and technology accelerates, business continuity management (BCM) continues to evolve rapidly within enterprises to meet increased market and regulatory demands.  New strategies need to be assessed by the enterprise from many perspectives, including impact on existing processes, associated risk, and how emerging approaches to resiliency can be leveraged to improve continuity capabilities.  In this session, Tejas Katwala, CEO of Continuity Logic shares his top five transformational things you can do right now to modernize your business continuity program.
Participate in this session to hear Tejas discuss how to:
  • Reposition and restructure a BCM department to a be positioned as a revenue center
  • Break down silos and provide meaningful insights to other functions
  • Improve program adoption
  • Track performance and maturity