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Minimizing Risk to Global Value Chains

Continuity Insights

In a world where hazards are occurring more frequently and causing greater damage, companies and policy makers alike are reconsidering how to make global value chains more resilient. Even before the COVID‑19 pandemic, a multitude of events in recent years temporarily disrupted production at many companies.

Join ICOR on Wednesday, November 17, 2021, at 1:00 p.m. ET for Minimizing Risk to Global Value Chains, an educational webinar that will explore the key findings of McKinsey’s study entitled, “Risk, Resilience, and Rebalancing in Global Value Chains.”

With your participation, you will receive 1 (one) continuing education hour.

Registration is now open here.

ICOR’s unique certification recognizes the capabilities of those who lead in increasing the resilience of their organization. It credentials personnel who understand two or more of the disciplines that build a more resilient organization.


Continuity Insights

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