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Massachusetts Maritime Academy

Massachusetts Maritime Academy
101 Academy Drive
Buzzards Bay, MA 02532
For over 100 years, Massachusetts Maritime Academy has been preparing women and men for exciting and rewarding careers on land and sea. The mission of the Master of Science in Emergency Management program is to provide graduates with the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to implement both proactive and reactive strategies to reduce the cost of a disaster in life and property and thus to be successful emergency managers and leaders in both the public and private sectors. The program’s graduates will gain the problem-solving capabilities to prepare for, respond to, recover from, and mitigate disasters and emergencies. The program provides a multi-disciplinary approach requiring a core set of courses needed to address issues common to virtually all hazards, plus courses addressing special topics including public health and transportation security.

Tabletop #18
+1 (508) 830-5000

About the Academy

About the Masters of Science in Emergency Management

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