Mark Your Calendar: New Topics Added to Continuity Insights Webinar Series

Continuity Insights

Continuity Insights’ educational webinar series focusing on current topics of critical importance to BC/DR community has added two new events. Risky Indicators and How I Survived 20+ Years in Business Continuity – Living Outside the Box! will take place on September 12 and September 19 respectively.

Measurement is essential to the effectiveness of any risk management program, and business continuity management is no exception. Unfortunately, measuring activities we routinely perform can sometimes be an unreliable way to determine how well risk is being mitigated. How can we identify Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) that accurately tell the story of business resilience in the face of increasingly uncertain threats we face?

In the first webinar, Risky Indicators, scheduled for September 12, 2019, presenter Michael Keating, Vice President of Business Continuity Management for RGA Reinsurance Company, will cover how one company looked to identify and report on KRIs that were both simple enough that a Board member could understand them and meaningful enough to communicate a complex picture of overall preparedness.

Register for Risky Indicators here.

The second webinar, How I Survived 20+ Years in Business Continuity – Living Outside the Box!, is scheduled for September 19, 2019.

Have you ever wondered if you are doing this Business Continuity job correctly? With more than 20 years of experience and involvement in more than 100 events in last year alone, Becky Cohen, CBCP, MBCI, Director of Business Continuity at BBX Capital and its nine companies, has been there.

As your webinar speaker, you’ll hear how Cohen, a one-person department, manages to engage thousands of associates from nine different companies… and survive. She’ll describe she got her start in BCP, finding the right formula for each company, the challenges of audits, budgets, battles, testing. It’s a good day when work remains “inside of the box;” the extraordinary days are those with ‘challenges’ from outside the box; and success only comes from learning and achieving goals to ensure continuity.

Register for How I Survived 20+ Years in Business Continuity – Living Outside the Box! here.

Both webinars will begin at 2:00 p.m. EDT and will allow time for audience participation and Q&A. Registration is free for all attendees. Topics and dates for additional webinars will be announced soon. Learn more about the complete Continuity Insights Webinar Series here.

Continuity Insights

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