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With global business severely impacted by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the MIT Sloan Management Review has assembled a dozen timely articles providing relevant advice to help professionals manage and work effectively despite uncertainty.

Ally MacDonald, senior editor at MIT Sloan Management Review, recommends the following features dealing with supply chain resilience, leading remote teams, and risk management.

Supply Chain Resilience

  • From Risk to Resilience: Learning to Deal With Disruption
  • Creating More Resilient Supply Chains
  • Reducing the Risk of Supply Chain Disruptions
  • Preparing for Disruptions Through Early Detection

Leading Remote Teams

  • Five Ways to Improve Communication in Virtual Teams
  • Leading Remotely
  • How to Create Belonging for Remote Workers
  • Why Teams Still Need Leaders

Risk Management

  • How Vigilant Companies Gain an Edge in Turbulent Times
  • The Science of Managing Black Swans

Related Articles

  • How to Manage Risk (After Risk Management Has Failed)
  • Using Scenario Planning to Reshape Strategy

Links to each of these article can be found at MIT Sloan Management Review.

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