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Librestream Business Continuity Support

In response to ongoing remote work challenges faced by companies worldwide, Librestream, a provider of augmented worker solutions, created the Remote Expert Accelerator Program. This program provides companies with instant access to its Onsight Connect remote expert and Onsight Workspace knowledge management services for 30 days. The offer builds upon the company’s Business Continuity program that deployed in March 2020 and enabled a combined workforce of more than a quarter of a million people to virtually inspect, diagnose, and train.

business continuityEnterprises across geographies worldwide took advantage of the initial offer, representing a broad swath of industries, including defense, energy, heavy equipment, marine, medical, and engineering. According to a customer feedback survey, 89% of Business Continuity program users successfully grew their use cases with Onsight. Cost savings, increased productivity, customer satisfaction, and improved worker safety were consistently selected as top business outcomes.

Due to COVID-19-related travel restrictions, CEC Mining utilized Librestream’s Onsight solution via the Business Continuity offer to support on-going fabrication, non-destructive testing (NDT), and field acceptance tests (FAT) throughout its supply chain, which is mainly focused in China. Onsight enabled CEC Mining to achieve a 50% cost savings in FAT, spurring the mining innovator to incorporate Onsight into new lines of business.

“We plan to make this part of our standard commissioning plan to lower overall costs associated with travel. Additionally, we are utilizing this program to support all warranty and maintenance activities as an extended service and training package,” said Cameron Stockman, Director of Operations and Business Development at CEC Mining.

Onsight Connect remote expert software delivers a fully collaborative environment to troubleshoot, inspect, and resolve issues in the field. With advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and IoT visualization, Onsight distributes knowledge and empowers decisions with capabilities such as live translation, object recognition, and sensor data integration. It performs in ultra-low bandwidth situations with a minimum requirement of 30 kbps and includes an offline mode.

Onsight Workspace empowers teams by providing secure and immediate access to the information they need to complete their work efficiently. An authorized user can add content, search and retrieve a prior Onsight inspection recording, or access a product manual in the field.

“2020 brought with it a massive fog that made it impossible for companies to clearly see a path to business continuity, especially with travel bans and offices closed indefinitely,” said John Bishop, CEO at Librestream. “Businesses around the world relied on our Onsight Business Continuity Program to cut through that fog, and these customers subsequently added use cases and expanded deployments to drive value. This new accelerator program aligns to our long-term mission of enabling meaningful bottom-line impacts, empowering companies to achieve greater productivity, savings, worker safety, and service, and we’re honored to help companies across the world through uncertain times and beyond.”

Technologies like augmented reality (AR) have thrived in this new way of working and are making a real impact on global operations.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has made the value proposition for enterprise frontline worker AR solutions more urgent. As a result, two trends are emerging, said Tuong Nguyen, Senior Principal Analyst at global research and advisory firm, Gartner. First, organizations that have already deployed AR solutions are expanding their deployments, and second, companies that were previously unaware of AR, or had deprioritized it in favor of other emerging technologies, are refocusing on these initiatives.”

As such, Librestream has seen a nearly 550% usage increase in 2020.

The Onsight Connect and Onsight Workspace services offered under the Remote Expert Accelerator program provide a powerful solution to a diverse range of use cases, including remote field support, training, product design and visualization, and AR commerce and logistics. Details of the offer include:

  • 30-day instant access to Onsight Connect and Onsight Workspace
  • 20 user licenses with guest invite access with contractors, customers, and suppliers
  • Managed service with pre-set configuration
  • 1-on-1 Goal setting session
  • Virtual training, best practice, and remote expert guides
  • 15% discount on Onsight upgrades within 30 days of trial period end


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