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What do dragons and castles have to do with BCP? Nothing really. We’ve been doing BCP since 1983 and know it’s a tough field to get your head wrapped around, so we wanted to give the chaos (pandemics, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, power outages, wild fires, you know where this is going) that threatens your business a name and a face. We settled on the name Chaos which we thought was very appropriate. If you are going to fight a dragon, what better tool to have than a shield, which just happened to be the name of our software. To cap it all off, you use a Shield to protect your business from all of the Chaos of the world, so we’ve made your business a castle to tie it all together! Now you understand what we mean when we say “Shield YOUR Business From Chaos” so watch for the hashtag #shieldyourbusinessfromchaos on Twitter or LinkedIn.

We can be found at:
34 Blair Park Rd, Suite 104 Williston, VT, USA 05495-7534
Box 515, Metcalfe, ON, Canada K0A 2P0


Phone: +(1) 888 246 6642




Shield Software
Giant global companies all the way down to mom & pop companies use Shield to protect their businesses. Shield is designed on the latest internet standards to ensure there is no reason you cannot access your plan. On top of absolute access, we give you more than 250 pages of templated information that is based on global BCP standards (ISO, BCI, DRI, NCUA, FFIEC) with more than 30 years of experience to smooth off the rough edges of a standard to ensure they match your business.

In addition to giving you the “1st draft written approach” to start your defence from Chaos, we have taken extra care to ensure Shield is available to you when you need it. With multiple global cloud capabilities that are constantly being backed up, you will never have to face Chaos without your Shield. We take Shield one step further than your average BCP company, we take Shield into the wild to ensure your plan is available when you need it most. With each new feature added, it must pass the “parking lot” test. That means we (literally) go out in the parking lot, stand there with smart phones or tablets, and try the feature so we can be sure it works 100% when you are not at your desk. If it works, then it makes it to the next phase. If it doesn’t (or it’s too hard to execute) we go back to the drawing board. We believe when you buy a solution from us, you are putting your trust in us that we’ve put in the effort to make sure it works when you need it the most. You can rest assured with Shield being the cornerstone of the KingsBridge solution that it designed to Shield YOUR Business From Chaos.

Shield – Free Edition

“Why Free Shield?”

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