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Cybersecurity Breaches Lead Cause Of Manufacturing Shutdowns

Cybersecurity breaches
Copia Automation is attempting to put a stop to these cybersecurity breaches by integrating DevOps principles into the industrial sector.

Fatigue Remains Top Risk For Workplace Injuries

workplace injuries
The National Safety Council also names heavy equipment operation as liability, proposes technology solutions for workplace injuries.

Can Dogs Really Predict Earthquakes?

Dogs Predict Earthquakes
In Lima, Peru, dogs are playing a critical role in a new approach to early earthquake warnings and public safety.

Modernizing Threat Detection: The Shift To AI Advanced Security Solutions

Threat Detection
Joshua Douglas, SVP of Product & Engineering, Xtract discusses security threats impacting facilities today, and the benefits of AI weapons detection systems.

Autonomous Vehicles: What Are The Risks, Opportunities?

Autonomous Vehicles
New ASIS Foundation report, “Autonomous Vehicles: Threats, Risks & Opportunities,” explores the multifaceted landscape of AVs within security contexts.

Less Than Half Of IT Leaders Are Confident In Security Plans

In a new report, IT leaders surveyed would have started their IoT security plans differently so they could remediate vulnerabilities faster.

Which States Would Fare Best In An AI Apocalypse?

AI Apocalypse
Confuse The Machine used advanced AI analytics to determine which U.S. states are best equipped to withstand a hypothetical AI tech uprising.

IT Auditors Identify Technology Challenges Companies Face

A new survey reveals the top technology risks that IT auditors believe should be on every executive's agenda.

Physical Security Incidents Cost Companies $1 Trillion In 2022

Physical Security Incidents
Economic unrest is biggest security-impacting hazard in next 12 months, according to a just-released World Security Report

OnSolve Launches New Technology Office In India 

OnSolve India
Reinforcing its commitment to advancing its AI-powered platform, OnSolve is creating 100 jobs in Bengaluru, India.

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