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Proposed Rule Would Protect Indoor, Outdoor Workers From Heat Exposure

hazardous heat exposure
Every year, dozens of workers die and thousands more suffer illnesses related to hazardous heat exposure that are most often preventable.

OSHA Announces More Than $12.7M In Workplace Safety Grants

The OSHA grants aim to advance job quality for the U.S. workforce by providing training for workers, supervisors and employers.

Balancing Code Requirements For Storm Shelter Doors

Implementation of comprehensive severe weather solutions — such as storm shelter doors — and adherence to codes and requirements mitigates risks and protects lives in harsh environmental conditions.

Strongest Earthquake In 250 Years Rocks East Coast

earthquake damage
Even if there's no visible damage, here are 15 hints on how to check your facilities for hidden earthquake damage, courtesy of FEMA.

Behavioral Consequences And Climate Change: Are You Ready?

A new Homeland Security Human Factors Institute program offers professionals help in adapting to the behavioral consequences of climate change.

Navy SEALs Respond To Security Threats With New Solution

Former U.S. Navy SEALS reveal Proventus, a company that provides safety solutions for all different facilities.

Employees Express Safety Concerns In New Study

A new workplace safety survey from Verkada reveals that the frontline workforce in crisis.

Creating Disaster Plans For Small Business

disaster plan
A proactive disaster management plan can mitigate the effects on your business and help speed your return to normal operations. By SCORE Think about all the time and resources you have invested in your small business. Imagine that it’s all gone: furniture, equipment, inventory, records, everything. What would you do? “There will be problems flying at you from all directions,” said Mark Debner, whose Cedar Rapids, Iowa-based business DPI Quality Custom Finishes was hit hard by flooding in 2008 and the Midwest derecho of 2020. “You will be making quick decisions while under great pressure. Do not beat yourself up if you make a few bad mistakes as you recover.” While you can’t prevent natural disasters, a proactive disaster management plan can mitigate the effects on your business and help speed your return to normal operations. This National Safety Month, SCORE shared several tips for developing a strategy: Develop An Operational Contingency Plan Assess the feasibility of operating out of nearby rented office or warehouse space, or even your home. Perhaps a mutual agreement with a friendly competitor to share space and other facilities is worth considering. Determine what equipment and other resources will be needed to continue operations. Important documents, backup copies of computer records, and other vital information should be stored at a secure off-site location or in the cloud. Jennifer Megliore felt the impact of Hurricane Matthew on her art retail business, ArtWare, on Hilton Head Island, S.C. in 2016. “My SCORE mentor encouraged me to have ... Read more

How To Ensure Employee Safety, Business Continuity As Crises Mount

Overhauling or even fine-tuning emergency preparedness and response plans can feel daunting. Here's where to start. 

Wildfire Season 2022: Three Tips For Business Continuity

International SOS offers companies advice on how to best protect their people and ensure business continuity during wildfire season.

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