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Risk Management

Fatigue Remains Top Risk For Workplace Injuries

workplace injuries
The National Safety Council also names heavy equipment operation as liability, proposes technology solutions for workplace injuries.

HR, Organizational Leaders Must Collaborate To Build AI Strategy

As AI solutions become more commercially available, HR and organizational leaders must work together to enable success, mitigate risk, suggests McLean & Company.

Recap: The 2024 Continuity Insights Management Conference

Continuity Insights Management Conference
The Continuity Insights conference offers valuable networking and educational opportunities for business continuity and resilience professionals.

Listen Now: Human Resilience: Building A Stronger Team

A former director of emergency management discusses steps leaders can take to foster and develop resilient teams.

5 Security Tips To Stay Safe In Crowded Places

Crowded Places Security
In light of an upsurge in social unrest and protests worldwide, advice on how to keep your workforce safe in crowded places.

Navigating Risk: Exploring The Averted UPS Strike

third party risk
While a strike was avoided, it’s a reminder for BC professionals to diligently monitor third-party risks and have response plans in place.

Securing Sensitive Data: Most Organizations Lack Confidence

2023 State of Data Security & Management Report reveals alarming truths about the current state of data security and management in organizations.

The Other Side Of Mass Shootings: Survivors

Mass Shootings Survivors
A new study of 13 mass shootings in the U.S. from 2012 to 2019 urges a better understanding what happens to those who survive such events.

PenFed Credit Union Boosts Risk Management With iluminr Solution

The credit union is adding a risk and resilience solution from iluminr to its arsenal.

Crisis Management: Business Continuity And Incident Response Planning

Margaret J. Millett, Head of Global Resilience, Uber, discusses her Continuity Insights Management Conference topic — Crisis Management: Bridging The Gap Between Business Continuity And Incident Response Planning.

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