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Time For A Renaissance In Resilience?

Resilience professionals must shift their mindset from preparing for specific events to building a flexible, organization-wide infrastructure that will allow them to respond effectively to any disruption or combination of disruptions.

New Study Showcases Resilient Organizations’ Best Practices

resilient organizations
Hurricanes, geopolitical conflicts, and civil unrest were most likely to trigger employee alerts last year, according to a new Everbridge study.

From Prevention To Action: The Role Of Facilities Management In Handling Emergencies And Maintenance

facility resilience webinar
This free webinar on facility resilience will provide actionable strategies to safeguard assets, protect lives, and ensure operational continuity.

HR, Organizational Leaders Must Collaborate To Build AI Strategy

As AI solutions become more commercially available, HR and organizational leaders must work together to enable success, mitigate risk, suggests McLean & Company.

One-Third Of Business Owners Don’t Prioritize Succession Plans

Business Succession
Business owners consider succession an emotional and challenging process, according to Edward Jones research.

Cybersecurity Job Openings Outpace Supply Of Workers

There are only enough workers to fill 85% of the cybersecurity job openings throughout the U.S., according to new data from CyberSeek.
Demand for cybersecurity talent continues to outpace supply despite growth in available education and training programs.

Most Organizations Had At Least Two Identity-Related Breaches In Past Year

machine identities
Security professionals rate machines as the riskiest identity type, reveals the CyberArk Identity Security Threat Landscape 2024 Report.

Considering A Supply Chain Visibility System?

Supply Chain
Here are six criteria logistics organizations should consider when selecting and implementing a supply chain visibility system.

Recap: The 2024 Continuity Insights Management Conference

Continuity Insights Management Conference
The Continuity Insights conference offers valuable networking and educational opportunities for business continuity and resilience professionals.

Cybersecurity Fears On The Rise Among U.S. Workers

workplace security culture
Here are five practices organizations should include in their cyber agenda to cultivate a strong and confident security culture, courtesy of EY.
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