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Microsoft Outage Causes Widespread IT Disruption

CrowdStrike and Microsoft
A CrowdStrike cybersecurity update mishap caused business disruptions that impacted the healthcare, financial, and airline industries.

New Jersey Tops List Of States Most At-Risk For Cybercrime

The Garden State loses the most to cybercrime at $36,004 per complaint filed with the FBI, according to QR Code Generator.

Secure Cloud Adoption: New Resources On Effective Practices

Secure Cloud Adoption
U.S. Treasury, FSSCC have made a new suite of resources available to provide financial services institutions with advice on effective practices for secure cloud adoption.

Cybersecurity Risks Related To Olympic Games Expected To Drive Increased Spending Across Europe

Olympic Games
IDC estimates that as a result of the Olympic Games, cybersecurity services revenue in France will increase by $94 million in 2024.

Cybersecurity Breaches Lead Cause Of Manufacturing Shutdowns

Cybersecurity breaches
Copia Automation is attempting to put a stop to these cybersecurity breaches by integrating DevOps principles into the industrial sector.

Aging Tech Makes Hospitals Prime Targets For Cyberattacks

Growing concern for data breaches and cyberattacks has led to increased demand to fix this outdated technology.

Five Capabilities That Help Companies Recover Faster from Cyberattacks

A survey from Commvault uncovers these new resilience measures, including security tools that enable early warning about cyberattack risk.

Need For Data Transparency Tops List Of Themes In Emerging AI Legislation

Vero AI reports key trends in AI legislation that emphasize the need for businesses to stay abreast of regulatory changes.

Phishing, Spear Phishing, Ransomware Are Top Threats As Volume Of Cyber Attacks Rises

Businesses continue proactive cyber resilience measures as cyber attacks become increasingly more prevalent.

Extreme Weather Tops Business Security Concerns

Business Risk
Cyber attacks, supply chain disruptions, and the upcoming election are also among top business security concerns for owners when It comes to insurance coverage.
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