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Deloitte Releases Predictions For Financial Services Industry

Deloitte explored emerging trends across the financial services industry over the next three to five years.

Managing Organizational Resilience In Outsourced Functions

Tahir Rao, Securian Canada, discusses his topic for the Continuity Insights 2023 Management Conference — Managing Organizational Resilience In Outsourced Functions.

Business Resiliency Health Index Implementation

Jeremy Adkins and Neeta Adkar, Lockheed Martin Evaluating business resiliency posture, highlighting areas of progress or regression, and objectively comparing results across business areas are some of the keys to identifying opportunities to improve preparedness. Lockheed Martin has developed and implemented a model that provides the ability for each of its business areas to self-assess the health of crisis management, business continuity, IT disaster recovery and medical response activities. This presentation will focus on an overview of the project, information about the structure of the model, and how the results are shared.

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