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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Need For Data Transparency Tops List Of Themes In Emerging AI Legislation

Vero AI reports key trends in AI legislation that emphasize the need for businesses to stay abreast of regulatory changes.

HR, Organizational Leaders Must Collaborate To Build AI Strategy

As AI solutions become more commercially available, HR and organizational leaders must work together to enable success, mitigate risk, suggests McLean & Company.

Are Mission Critical Data Centers Subject To Widespread Sensor Issues?

Mission Critical Data Centers
Overlooking sensor inaccuracy can lead to costly downtime and operational inefficiencies for data centers, warns SCI.

Deloitte Releases Predictions For Financial Services Industry

Deloitte explored emerging trends across the financial services industry over the next three to five years.

Modernizing Threat Detection: The Shift To AI Advanced Security Solutions

Threat Detection
Joshua Douglas, SVP of Product & Engineering, Xtract discusses security threats impacting facilities today, and the benefits of AI weapons detection systems.

GenAI Survey: U.S. Leaders Concerned About Data Privacy, Security

GenAI Survey
Despite enthusiasm, leaders see understanding gaps, lack of strategic planning, talent shortage as obstacles to realizing the technology's full value.

IT Leaders: Having The Data Lifecycle On One Platform Is Critical

A global survey found that 90% of IT Leaders agree that unifying the data lifecycle on a single platform is critical for analytics and AI.

Treasury Report: Managing AI-Specific Cybersecurity Risks In The Financial Sector

Financial Services
New Treasury report identifies challenges AI presents the financial services sector; outlines 10 steps to address immediate AI-related operational risk, cybersecurity, fraud challenges.

U.S. Workers Anxious About AI Use In Finance, Operations

AI in the workplace
Driven by negative news coverage, salaried workers’ concerns over job loss, business fraud, other potential adverse effects of AI in the workplace outweigh enthusiasm for potential benefits. Widespread apprehensions among U.S. workers regarding the negative impacts of artificial intelligence (AI) are impeding the broader adoption of beneficial AI advancements, finds a recent survey. From fears of job displacement to concerns about business fraud and biased decision-making, 2024 Yooz Survey: AI in the Workplace findings underscore a significant barrier to embracing AI across industries. Survey respondents expressed particular concerns about AI’s use in business finance and operations, presenting a challenge for FinTech firms seeking acceptance and trust in AI-driven solutions. The survey asked 600 U.S. salaried workers across industries and age groups to describe their perceptions of AI in the workplace in 2024. Key findings of the survey include: Will AI Replace Human Judgment? In the areas of business operations and finance specifically, survey respondents expressed concerns about AI replacing human judgment, as well as the potential use of AI by external sources to attack these functions. Findings include: “AI’s transformative potential is undeniable, yet our survey underscores a critical reality: worker apprehensions regarding its negative implications are hindering the widespread adoption of AI innovations,” said Laurent Charpentier, CEO of Yooz. “From fears of job displacement to concerns about biased decision-making, it’s evident that addressing these concerns is paramount for fostering a climate of trust and advancing AI’s positive contributions to our society and economy.” As more companies rely on AI ... Read more

AI-based Fraud Detection Recovered $375M in FY 2023

Fraud Detection
The U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Payment Integrity began using AI to deal with increased fraud during the pandemic.

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