It’s Almost 2018 – Is Your Crisis Plan in Shape?

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A new ebook, ‘Is Your Crisis Plan in Shape for 2018?’ is available to organizations interested in building state-of-the-art crisis plans. The new volume from from RockDove Solutions presents an overview of five threats that still pack a punch, five emerging threats to watch out for, and three crucial resources to have in your crisis toolkit.

The ebook notes that in 2017 many of the worst crises came from well-known and long-standing risks which are still at the heart of any crisis plan, including data leaks, extreme weather, corporate malfeasance, product malfunction and, tragically, mass shootings.

But there are also a newer set of issues that are more the product of the times in which we live, a digitally enabled society where social issues, culture, race and politics from a toxic stew of reputational threats – examples would include:

  • Products which become politicized, through ownership or marketing content, and boycotts are called for from one side or the other
  • Clumsy forays into social issues, like race and gender, by well-known brands
  • Bad employee behavior becoming viral online with widely shared videos
  • Exposure of dysfunction in the workplace by motivated and angry co-workers who have the internet as their platform.

In an age where digital and social media fan the flames of an issue and turn it into a highly damaging crisis within hours, the crisis planning ebook looks at crucial tools, technology, and resources to ensure early warning and a speedy response to an emerging threat.

Is Your Crisis Plan in Shape for 2018? is available for download here.

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