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Infinite Blue to Guide Financial Institutions Through Upcoming UK Regulatory Operational Resilience Requirements

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Infinite Blue, a leading provider of business continuity/disaster recovery (BC/DR) planning and response management software, is prepared to help its customers achieve compliance with the new Bank of England, PRA and FCA regulatory requirements before they take effect in March 2022. Guests attending BCI World Virtual 2021 will have an opportunity to attend a ‘live’ product demo of BC in the Cloud to see the application first-hand.

The new rules and guidance relating to operational resilience applies to a wide range of firms including banks, building societies, investment firms, insurance companies as well as payment services organizations.

“From these new regulations, it is quite obvious that the authorities believe that operational resilience is just as important as financial resilience,” said Frank Shultz, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Infinite Blue. “Disruptions to the financial sector and the unavailability of services, whether related to the environment, cyber, supply chain or technology are ever-increasing. We applaud the regulators’ decision and are prepared to guide our users in meeting each stage of the requirements. Our software and services enables firms to design and build their program to be compliant with these and many other regulations.”

Documenting critical business services, mapping accountabilities, and testing resilience can be time-consuming, disruptive, and expensive for organizations with complex business models and a variety of third-party vendor relationships. BC in the Cloud helps companies with a commitment to organizational resiliency by providing an intuitive, full featured product with shared data, automated workflows, reporting and embedded mass notification through Sendigo.

Sendigo allows notifications to be sent via multi-channel (SMS, email, voice and/or Microsoft Teams) to do everything from validating employee safety to reducing recovery times. Some key features of Sendigo include scheduled messages, group messages, message acknowledgement, templates, polling options, reporting, and a geo-fencing lasso that allows you to determine recipients by defining a perimeter on a map.

In addition to BC in the Cloud, Infinite Blue’s Advisory Services team helps support organizations by establishing program governance, assessing regulations and rules, ensuring compliance and providing scenario testing.

For organizations looking to learn more about Infinite Blue and BC in the Cloud, the Company will be participating in BCI World Virtual 2021 November 3-4, 2021. Infinite Blue will be speaking at two different sessions and also providing a ‘live’ product demo of BC in the Cloud. There are various ways to attend the virtual event, including a free signup option that grants you access to much of the programming.

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