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Infinite Blue Launches Next Generation End-to-End Business Resilience Solution

Infinite Blue, a leading provider of business continuity/disaster recovery (BC/DR) planning and response management software, launched Cenari, the next generation enterprise resilience platform that combines all aspects of BC/DR into a single, seamlessly unified platform. By combining disparate services, such as planning, threat intelligence, mass notification, and incident response, companies can now anticipate the impact of incidents earlier, respond more effectively, and get back to business faster than ever before.

“Responding to the increasing breadth and complexity of threats facing every organization taxes already stressed teams,” said Frank Shultz, Infinite Blue Chairman and CEO. “By enabling organizations to foresee how an event will impact them and automate responses through a single, seamless solution, Cenari is setting a new standard for enterprise resilience.”

Cenari draws on live intelligence feeds that continuously track weather events, cyber-attacks, political/social unrest, and other threats. Using this information, it predicts the potential impact, automatically notifies the appropriate stakeholders, and delivers a detailed, situation-specific response plan. As the incident unfolds, executives can track event progress and responders obtain detailed, step-by-step guidance from a virtual command center until the crisis is resolved.

Cenari also solves a key failure point that plagues many BC/DR programs: poor data. Through real-time integration with HR, finance, CRM, IT, and other business systems, Cenari ensures that critical information regarding people, resources, facilities, vendors, and customers is always accurate, up-to-date, and at the fingertips of the people who need it.

Since 2013, Infinite Blue has been helping companies plan, prepare, and test business continuity plans and respond to a wide variety of threats and crises. The company’s award-winning, flagship product, BC in the Cloud, is used today by hundreds of companies worldwide, including four of the Fortune 10. It will continue to be available for organizations looking for a highly customizable, modular solution that enables them to conduct precise business impact analyses, prepare for audits, and perform other critical functions.

“Given the threat environment today, companies that juggle BC/DR vendors, platforms, and programs often cannot respond effectively to incidents or recover as quickly as they should,” said Shultz. “Cenari’s comprehensive and synchronized approach provides them with greater clarity and control over incidents and unmatched enterprise resilience.”

About Infinite Blue
Infinite Blue empowers organizations to rapidly build ready and resilient operations and engage personnel across the enterprise. With 99.99% guaranteed uptime and a team of industry experts, we give leading organizations worldwide, including four of the Fortune 10, clarity and control over business disruptions. Learn more at infiniteblue.com or follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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