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Infinite Blue Launches New Mass Communication Solution Sendigo

Infinite Blue, a leader in delivering extendable apps for organizational resiliency on a low-code platform, has revealed their newest mass communication solution, Sendigo. Sendigo is directly embedded into BC in the Cloud, Infinite Blue’s flagship Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) Management application, which allows users to utilize and manage all of their data in one centralized location to send out mass communications during a crisis or important time of need.

“With a greater number of employees working from home, timely and accurate communication has never been more important. With Sendigo, our customers can leverage the data they have in BC in the Cloud to send mass communications to their teams, call lists, and specific locations. Our goal was to develop one seamless solution for our customers to make their jobs easier,” says Frank Shultz, Infinite Blue’s Chief Executive Officer and Chairman.

Jason Zimmerman, Vice President of Product at Infinite Blue, added, “While many apps can send notifications, those apps are doing so using an integration. Sendigo is built using the latest technology advancements, and since it’s embedded directly into BC in the Cloud there are no integrations to worry about. Plus, the communications sent out are at scale, with the ability to send to an entire employee and/or customer base. We are extremely excited for this to launch, as this is just the tip of the iceberg for the future of Sendigo.”

Sendigo allows notifications to be sent via multi-channel (SMS, email, and/or voice) to do everything from validating employee safety to reducing recovery times. Some of the key features of Sendigo include scheduled messages, group messages, message acknowledgement, templates, polling options, reporting, and a geo-fencing lasso that allows you to determine recipients by defining a perimeter on a map. With so many features, Sendigo can be your enterprise solution for company-wide notifications.

Sendigo adds to the ever-growing suite of Infinite Blue solutions to help manage organizational resiliency. Besides BC in the Cloud, VendorBolt, a vendor management application, and Turnstile, a visitor management application, rounds out the suite. For more information about Sendigo, visit

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