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Infinite Blue Launches First of its Kind Application Bundle to Streamline Operational Resilience

Infinite Blue, a comprehensive low-code development platform and enterprise application company, announced the debut of its Strategic Operational Approach to Risk, or SOAR, application bundle. This package consists of BC in the Cloud (Core), a turnkey version of the company’s flagship Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) management application, as well as, VendorBolt a vendor management application. The SOAR package is rounded out by Turnstile, a brand-new application, that automates the visitor management process, saving time, and aiding in the safety, compliance and security of a company’s locations.

“We’ve been able to help so many companies with their business continuity and disaster recovery efforts, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Bringing together three offerings, including a brand-new application, allows us to provide even more guidance and operational resiliency to our customers.” said Frank Shultz, President and CEO of Infinite Blue. “We’re very excited to offer this never before seen combination of BC/DR applications and services to ensure that our customers have a smooth transition as they begin to re-enter offices and adapt to the new post-pandemic normal.”

The SOAR package is the first application bundle Infinite Blue has offered, and the first major launch by the company since their acquisition of their low-code platform and rebrand as Infinite Blue. It brings together 3 applications that allow companies to implement a fully functional BC/DR plan without a heavy lift, as these applications are ready-to-use immediately. The SOAR package also includes up to 3 hours of advisory services to assist with organizational process and procedural development.

BC in the Cloud Core

  • Streamlines business processes and lets users stay on top of action items with built in alerts
  • Allows for evaluation of departmental and process impacts over time to determine the priority for recovery
  • Enables users to spot high risk areas that require attention before an issue occurs


  • Ensures compliance to all company policies with a thorough vendor vetting process
  • Saves time by eliminating the back and forth between companies and their vendors
  • Provides access to the full Standard Information Gathering (SIG) questionnaire to use when vetting vendors


  • Provides a safe and seamless visitor check-in process and allows full visibility into who is onsite at all times
  • Enables the user to customize the visitor experience with branded badges, photos, unique QR codes, and acknowledgement of NDA’s, agreements, or other documents at sign-in
  • Stores visitor data in the cloud-based application so that users can access it anywhere

For more information about the SOAR package, visit

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