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Industrial Facility Mass Notification: Challenges and Solutions

By Alertus Technologies:

Throughout the past year and a half, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has significantly altered business operations for manufacturing plants and industrial parks. How is your facility ensuring workplace safety for on-site workers — while also keeping everyone informed about rapidly changing COVID-19 protocols?

Spreading critical information quickly — and effectively — can be challenging for large, widespread industrial facilities. The added complications of high noise and production workers or manufacturers lacking access to email and mobile devices make delivering emergency alerts particularly difficult.

An effective industrial facility mass notification system is crucial to overcoming these unique industrial emergency communication challenges, mitigating harm, and minimizing operational disruption.

The Impact of a High-Quality Mass Notification System
With a comprehensive, scalable, and flexible mass notification system (MNS) such as the Alertus System, industrial manufacturing organizations can enhance emergency preparedness and improve incident management for any circumstance, whether it be a hazardous spill, severe weather incident, or an active shooter. A high-quality MNS will be able to:

  • Integrate with existing notification devices and systems
  • Provide actionable alerts during a crisis
  • Offer intelligible alerting capability, including text-to-speech (TTS) technology
  • Easily scale and expand notification coverage
  • Customize manufacturer emergency alerts for your facility’s unique needs

Take a look at these specific industry-leading MNS tools you can leverage to better respond to an industrial facility emergency.

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