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Increasing Employee Engagement to Help Enforce Business Continuity Strategies

Given the importance of continuity in a business, finding different ways to communicate any changes or developments in a company’s BCM process or policy is vital. Disruption of all industry sectors is on the rise, and one of the ways to minimize this disruption is to ensure all employees are engaged, aware, and working together towards a common goal.

Companies are increasingly placing greater emphasis on employee engagement, and 75% are spending more on internal communications. However, the majority continue to use email and newsletters to communicate with their employees, even though almost half of them reported that very few employees read and engage with their content.

Communicate Via Video
Video is an extremely effective way to deliver important information, with viewers retaining 95% of a message when seen on video rather than only 10% if the same information is read in a text or email. YouTube is ideal for showcasing video content to the public, and is often employed to enhance business growth through gaining subscribers and views. However, a YouTube channel is also an effective way to spread a company’s message internally.

Video is easy to access, is immediately engaging and can provide a human touch that brings together disparate departments to ensure all are following the same guidelines and processes. Using a variety of broadcast platforms from social media to email, critical messages are received and absorbed quickly.

Engage Employees With Gamification
Over two thirds of new developments in a business fail because of the lack of employee engagement. When implementing new strategies for continuity, it’s vital that all employees are aware of how they can contribute to their organization’s action plans. Continuity is beneficial to employees, reducing the risk of financial loss and maintaining a company’s image.

Gamification is an effective way to pass on this information to employees through engaging activities and rewarding incentives. A treasure hunt to encourage the use of a new platform, or a quiz to test knowledge of a new policy can enhance learning, develop better teamwork and improve retention of information.

Encouraging Feedback From Staff
Continuity plans should be regularly reviewed and updated to ensure they are fit for purpose, especially now that threats of disruption are on the increase. Sharing policy updates face to face with small groups of management staff will not only ensure greater understanding of the new plans, but also give employees the opportunity to provide feedback. This can be used to strengthen policies and be incorporated into training plans. By then testing plans in the workplace, employees are made more aware of procedures, and further feedback on their implementation can be gained.

Improving employee engagement can ensure that a company’s workforce clearly understand its plans and processes for business continuity. By using fast and compelling means of communication and engagement, employees are quickly and effectively alerted to new policies, and reminded of the benefits of protecting continuity to minimize disruption.

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