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Guide to Successful Return to Work Strategy

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In order to help prepare your return to work strategy when everything is changing, from place to place, and day-to-day, Everbridge has released a new white paper, A Successful Return to Work Strategy: Contact Tracing and Beyond, to help.

As organizations across the globe start the tenuous process of opening the workplace for their employees, Contact Tracing would play a major role in ensuring a safe return to work strategy. Meanwhile, every country is at a different stage of recovery, and individual states are formulating their own guidelines and milestones.

Phased reopening and return to work guidelines require that businesses implement procedures for workforce contact tracing. Leaders need to learn how they can manage the complexity of a staggered global reopening – which includes diverse city, state, and country guidelines and mandates that will evolve dynamically over time – while protecting employee privacy.

In A Successful Return to Work Strategy: Contact Tracing and Beyond you’ll learn about:

  • Key components of a successful return-to-work strategy
  • Solutions for balancing privacy and health safety
  • Contact tracing misconceptions and how it really works
  • What to look for when selecting a contact tracing tool

Download the guide here.

Continuity Insights

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