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Global Industry Leaders Form Resilience Think Tank

A select group of risk and resilience leaders from the US, UK, and Canada have announced the formation of a group dedicated to providing guidance and research to their peers. The Resilience Think Tank is focused on simplifying complex issues and providing commentary on topics trending in the risk and resilience industries.

Co-founder Mark Hoffman had the idea for forming a peer group after winning the BCI Americas Consulting Award back in April 2021. Realizing how fortunate he and his colleagues were, Hoffman said “Several in our industry find themselves in an uncertain time, struggling because they work for an organization that doesn’t understand the value that they bring to the table.”

In May, Hoffman invited five people to join him to identify ways to articulate the value that BCM professionals bring. The group quickly realized there were many areas where they could contribute expert analysis and advice, and effective solutions to enhance resilience. The Resilience Think Tank was born.

Resilience Think Tank members provide an international perspective and reside in Tampa, Toronto, Philadelphia, Boston, and London. In addition to Hoffman, co-founders include Andreas Bryant, James Green, Ashley Goosman, Lisa Jones, and Milena Maneva. Collectively, the group shares 87 years of experience spanning across resilience, business continuity, crisis, and risk management. Their aim is to take a multidisciplinary approach and share knowledge that helps educate up-to-date decision-making informed on their collective public, private, NGO, and consultancy experience.

Award winning Risk Management thought leader James Green added “Addressing an issue as important to our industry as resilience will require multiple voices and I am proud to be a co-founder of the Resilience Think Tank; a group with such diverse backgrounds, experiences and a truly global reach.”

Resilience Think Tank members are scheduled to speak at BCI Education Month, DRJ Fall, BCI World and have articles scheduled for publication through BCI and PreparedEx in September 2021.

Read more at Disaster Empire.

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