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Global Depot Services Save Time, Money When Core IT Equipment Breaks

By Pronto Recovery:

When your core IT equipment breaks, how do you get replacement parts to get the site back up and running the same day? In the modern business world, you can’t afford to have even one location down for several hours much less days.

As you assess your business and consider the need for global depot services, there are four key questions you’ll need to answer:

  • How important is it for you to avoid downtime?
  • Are you buying and maintaining one to one backups for multiple sites?
  • Will you be able to continue work while you wait for backup equipment to be sourced?
  • Will your business be agile when faced with the unexpected?

You can skip the cost and headache of on-site backup devices by utilizing global depot services that store, maintain, deliver, and install your backup devices, saving you time and money.

Depot Services Overview
Utilizing depot services, you can greatly decrease the time and money spent on backing up mission critical devices. In your major markets, equipment is stored for you and dedicated technicians rapidly deliver and install it when you need it. Now, rather than keeping backups of key equipment at every site, amounting to perhaps hundreds of redundant devices, you can have just a few devices in each major metro. Set the parameters for your plan and we take care of everything else, giving you peace of mind and saving you money.

Pronto depots function as equipment hubs for the greater surrounding area, allowing same or next business day delivery when invoked. For businesses that fall within the immediate service areas Pronto offers the best service level agreements in the industry.

  • Your mission critical equipment stored locally
    • Trained technical staff that deliver and install
    • We manage logistics and inventory count for you
    • Low monthly cost to store, and hourly service rate to install

Businesses in 100+ major cities around the globe can request a 24/7 4-hour SLA with installation, and in some markets 2-hour SLAs are available.

Learn more about Pronto’s Global Depot Services here.

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