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GAO: Addressing Cybersecurity Challenges Requires Urgent Action

The US Government Accountability Office (GAO) has identified four major cybersecurity challenges and 10 critical actions that the federal government and other entities need to take to address them. The major challenges include: establishing a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy and performing effective oversight; securing federal systems and information; protecting cyber critical infrastructure; and protecting privacy and sensitive data.

More than 3,000 GAO recommendations have been presented to agencies addressing the shortcomings in these action areas. Key initiatives include mitigating global supply chain risks, addressing cybersecurity workforce management challenges, enhancing federal response to cyber incidents, and protecting cyber critical infrastructure.

As of July 2018 many of the GAO’s recommendations have been addressed, however, approximately 1,000 have not been implemented.

The GAO has outlined the urgent actions and critical challenges in the following infographic:

Learn more and download the GAO report here.

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