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Are you ready for the next evolution in risk? Geopolitical shifts, technological advances, new players both good and bad. Cutting-edge developments such as Blockchain, ‘deep-fakes,’ and increasingly sophisticated hacking techniques. FinTech! RegTech! Crypto platforms! Artificial intelligence! Machine learning! Innovative terror tactics! How do we manage and mitigate tomorrow’s Risk if we can’t even see it coming?

During Future Risk: The Future is Not What It Used to Be! How to Manage the Unpredictable!, a featured workshop at the Continuity Insights 2019 New York Conference, presenter Howard Mannella, CBCP, MBCI, Managing Principal with Alternative Resiliency Services Corp, will help attendees gain a better understanding of the current and changing state of Risk.

This innovative and engaging dialog will help you:

  • Learn about some of the more innovative ways that systems can be breached and goods hijacked.
  • Elevate your perspective of Risk to focus less on specific threats and adapt to threats from any direction.
  • Gain valuable methods and practices that you can start implementing the next morning to better mitigate and respond to risks of any type.

Future Risk: The Future is Not What It Used to Be! How to Manage the Unpredictable!, is just one of 16 educational, leadership-based sessions scheduled for the Continuity Insights 2019 New York Conference, taking place on October 21 at the Credit Suisse Conference Center located at 11 Madison Avenue in New York City.

View the official Continuity Insights 2019 New York Conference program and obtain registration information here.

Continuity Insights

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