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Fusion Recognized in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for IT Vendor Risk Management Tools

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Fusion Risk Management, Inc., a leading provider of business continuity and risk management software and services, today announced that it has been recognized in the August 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for IT Vendor Risk Management Tools.

According to Gartner, IT vendor risk management (IT VRM) is the discipline of addressing the residual risk that businesses and governments face when working with external service providers, IT vendors, and related third parties. IT VRM solutions provide capabilities to automate and support the identification, assessment, analysis, remediation, and monitoring of the information and operational risks arising from an organization’s use of third parties. These third parties include any external entity that can access, provide, or manage sensitive data, and those entities that connect to a customer’s systems or networks, or support critical business processes. The market for IT VRM solutions continues to evolve in response to increased regulations as well as increased appreciation for third-party risk. The vendors providing these solutions continue to change with new competition, merger and acquisition activity, and the addition of new capabilities.

“Fusion has always been focused on delivering excellence in customer service and products by providing innovative functionality, scalability, and seamless integration,” said Michael Campbell, Chief Executive Officer at Fusion Risk Management. “We are proud to be recognized for our IT Vendor Risk Management solution. We believe our positioning within the Magic Quadrant for IT Vendor Risk Management Tools reinforces our position as an end-to-end operational resilience solution that enables all areas of risk and resilience as well as verifies Fusion’s continued growth and innovation in the industry.”

Read the full announcement here.

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