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Fusion Launches Intelligent Incident Manager and Expands Dynamic Response Capability

Fusion Risk management, a leading provider of operational resilience, risk management, and business continuity software and services, today announced expanded functionality of its Dynamic Response capability as well as the launch of Fusion Intelligent Incident Manager to deliver resilience that is both agile and interactive.

The new Intelligent Incident Manager is a purpose-built solution that enables organizations to identify the full scope of an incident and recognize impacted assets or known outages.

The expanded Dynamic Response features build on existing capabilities to drive data-driven response plays that are tailored to any business issue. The new functionality leverages dynamic response strategies instead of static plans to quickly react in line with the situation when disruption occurs. Response strategies are dynamic runbooks of procedures compiled in real-time based on a unified picture of business operations and the current operating environment. Organizations will now be able to reduce time spent on response planning through flexible diagnostic and remediation procedures that can be flexibly combined into plays based on what the situation commands.

Fusion’s Intelligent Incident Manager leverages insights from scenarios and live response outcomes to inform greater agility in times of crisis. The functionality provides one central location to resolve critical incidents faster. With friction-free activation, organizations can focus on the precision of response, forecast incident resolution time with more accuracy, and provide real-time updates to customers, partners, and internal teams.

By providing a dynamic approach to incident response, Fusion’s new functionalities enable organizations to quickly understand the full impact of disruption and engage teams, critical partners, and response automation in response and recovery efforts. Organizations now have the power to protect important services and products by resolving incidents faster and preventing future occurrences.

Read the full announcement here.

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