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Free Chapter: Using Enterprise Security Risk Management to Help Your Security Program

Continuity Insights

Rothstein Publishing is offering Business Continuity professionals a free chapter – How Can Enterprise Security Risk Management Help YOUR Security Program? – from Brian J. Allen, Esq. and Rachelle Loyear’s breakthrough book, Enterprise Security Risk Management: Concepts and Applications.

As a security professional, have you found that you and others in your company do not always define security the same way? Have your security interests and business interests have become misaligned? Perhaps, by viewing security through a risk management lens, Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM) can help make you and your security program successful.

In this complimentary chapter from Allen and Loyear’s book, they detail this new approach, where you’ll:

  • Explore how security has traditionally been viewed both inside and outside of the security profession.
  • Understand how ESRM can change the perception of security in your enterprise to help you better communicate the value of security risk management.
  • See how ESRM is the best methodology to meet the changing global security risk climate.

Click here to learn more and download the chapter at no charge.

Continuity Insights

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