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Free Chapter on “Business Continuity Project Startup and Management” Available

How do you start up and manage your business continuity project? “Business Continuity Project Startup and Management,” a free chapter from Business Continuity Management: Global Best Practices shows how to prepare and manage your business continuity project. You will learn all of the steps necessary in launching the project, as well as why each of these steps is important – which is very helpful in gaining buy-in from organization management.

In the 4th edition of Business Continuity Management: Global Best Practices, global master practitioner, consultant, and trainer Andrew Hiles draws on his 35 years of experience to present a wealth of real-world analysis and advice – based on international standards and grounded in best practices.

If your organization is starting out on Business Continuity Management, the enormity of the tasks that lie ahead of you can seem overwhelming. That is why it is crucially important to get the scope right, to set realistic limits for the early projects, and to put these within an overall program that will eventually lead to an integrated, comprehensive approach to protect the total assets of the enterprise.

This complimentary chapter will help you:

  • Define the scope of your business continuity plan (BCP).
  • Gain management commitment.
  • Devise BC awareness and training programs.
  • Create a business continuity steering group.
  • Understand terms of reference and roles.
  • Conduct a budget assessment.
  •  Initiate and manage your project.

The free chapter is available from Rothstein Publishing. Click here to download.

Learn more about the complete Business Continuity Management: Global Best Practices here.


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