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FLEX Recovery Improves Work-from-Home Strategy, Complements Overall Business Continuity Plans

Every company needs to be prepared as disasters can strike at any time, leaving a community or entire region devastated and your staff unable to work. Quickly implementing a strategy for your staff to continue to work either from home or an alternate location is important to the community, and its ability to recover.  When used as a supplement to other strategies such as shifting of workload, alternate sites, and third-party vendors, work at home can be a great complement to your recovery plan.

Work from home can be a great recovery strategy in many scenarios, especially when travel is difficult, or employees have responsibilities to care for children or parents. In a crisis, many employees who may have otherwise been willing to travel to an alternate location may find that impossible due to these and other factors. By increasing flexibility and having employees work from home, businesses can recover critical functions quickly and can even continue regular operations without the need to relocate an entire workforce.

If you do choose to utilize a work at home solution as part of your BCP strategy, consider the following:

  • Employees must have secure and sufficient network access, or you must have a provider who can supply 4g or 5g networking
  • Your business needs a provider who can quickly deliver laptops to employees at the time of disaster
  • Your employees should be coached on home network security and reminded not to leave computers in cars or other insecure places

Pronto Recovery’s FLEX Recovery option provides technology recovery solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of clients who incorporate work from home as part of their BC strategy.

FLEX Recovery gives clients the ability to recover and continue working remotely from any location with the necessary quick ship hardware and secure network services that meet all of your technology requirements. Additionally, the solution is independent of any terrestrial networking services and is completely self-contained and fully testable.

Learn more about Pronto Recovery’s FLEX recovery program at 1-855-Pronto1 or via email at

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