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Highlighting the role of business continuity and its relationship with other management functions within the organization, such as information security, risk management or physical security, the Business Continuity Institute has released the first Continuity & Resilience Report: Raising the Impact of Business Continuity.

The research addresses a range of issues to measure the impact of business continuity, such as its levels of investment, top management buy-in, and its role during a crisis.

A key finding points to the central role business continuity plays across different scenarios, such as adverse weather, cyber attacks, or the outbreak of a new pandemic. Furthermore, organizations tend to increasingly appreciate its value over time, as they can see return on investment.

The Continuity & Resilience Report: Raising the Impact of Business Continuity was conducted in collaboration with Everbridge. A copy of the report is available through the BCI here.

Continuity Insights

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