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Louisville Mega Cavern: Where else can you go ziplining, electric bike-riding, and take a tram tour, all underground? While visiting Louisville, you won’t want to miss Mega Zips, the world’s only underground zipline adventure tour featuring six ziplines nearly 100 feet off the cavern floor and two challenge bridges, Mega Zips is 2.5 hours of adrenaline-fueled adventure. You can have fun spelunking like never before.

Though fun for the whole family, the kids will especially love MEGA QUEST, the only underground ropes challenge course in the world! Mega Quest features two levels and 76 challenge elements including mini-ziplines and rope walls. Explore at your own pace in this 2-hour adventure.

Heights aren’t your thing? No problem! Enjoy the jumps in our 320,000 square foot BMX & MTB MEGA BIKE PARK, explore the furthest parts of the cavern on our MEGA eBIKE tour, or enjoy a seated historical tour of the cavern on our MEGA TRAM.

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